Thulite Gemstones 14mm Cushion Cabochons
Fordite Free Size Cabochon
Fordite Free Size Cabochon

Thulite Gemstones 12mm Cushion Cabochons

Gemstone: Thulite.
Size: 12mm.
Shape: Cushion.
Origin: Norway.
Element: Water and Wind.
Mohs Scale (Hardness): 6.5 to 7.
Treatment: Natural.
Transparency: Translucent.
Quality: AAA (excellent).

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About Our Natural Thulite Gemstones 12mm Cushion Cabochons

  • Thulite also known as “Rosaline”.
  • 100% Natural Thulite Cabochon, it highly polished and perfectly cut in cabochons.
  • Each and every piece of 12mm Natural Thulite Cushion Cabochons is very special to me and I want who ever owns it to LOVE it as much as I do.
  • Thulite Cushion Cabochons has its unique color, include Pale to Deep Reddish Pink that may appear together or alone.
  • Photos has being taken under Natural Sunlight, Stones have different reflection of colors and this can vary based on the lighting you are viewing them under.
  • Please try using Thulite Cabochons if you want to know what you want to do exactly, when we hear about all the history and tradition.

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